Exhibition schedule in 2021
In 2020, people all over the world faced a situation they had never experienced before.
I myself have changed the environment, but with the help of everyone, I managed to move forward.
The days of exploration and challenge will continue this year as well.
Currently, I am making Bizen ware, and I plan to burn the climbing kiln of Bizen ware in June.
I would like to continue my daily work.
The following is the exhibition schedule in 2021

3 / 20-28
solo exhibit at "moris" (Kobe)
5 / 2-
group exhibition at "Eating Time Firm" Taipei
5 / 8-16
group exhibision at "houkivoshi + g" (Tokyo)
5 / 28-
group exhibishion at "V.V.Sorry" (Mexico city)
5 / 26-
show of two exhibishion at "JR Nagoya Takashimaya" (Nagoya)
6 / 4-
solo exhibision at "toutou, Kurashiki gallery and stay" (Kurashiki)
7 / 28-
special exhibision at "Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza" (Okayama)
9 / 18-
solo exhibision at "essence kyoto" (Kyoto)
The exhibition is subject to change depending on the situation.
Please see my Instagram for daily updates.